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8 Effects and Sleight  By Michael Kociolek 

A Boon for All Seasons (Eric Mason & Barrie Richardson)
Acting for Magicians   By Richard L Tenace
Al Koran's Professional Presentations  
Al Koran's Legacy (Hugh Miller)  
Al Koran, The Magic of (Edited by Martin Breese)  
Al Koran': The Unique Years  
Angel Card Rise plus (David Britland)  
Applications (Peter Duffie)  
Artifice, Ruse and Erdnase  By Hurt McDermott
Ask Roberto (Roberto Giobbi)
Bendix Bombshell Wallet
Ben Harris: Crossroads
Ben Harris: Quarks & Quirks

Ben Harris: Exit 51

Ben Harris: Enlightenment

Ben Harris: Silent Running

Best of Pentagram Card Magic  
Big Book of Rising Cards By Claude Klingsor
Blindfold Enigma (Carroll K Priest)  
Book of Oopses (Chan Canasta)  
Cards on the Table (Jerry Sadowitz)  
Chan Canasta-A Remarkable Man, Vol.1 (David Britland)  
Chan Canasta-A Remarkable Man, Vol.2 (David Britland)  
Castle Dracula Mentalism (Charles Cameron)  

Class Act - Magic of Binarelli

Close-Up Framework (Lawrence Frame)  
Close Up to the Point (Peter Duffie)  
Clue and Other Mysteries (Jack Yates)  
Color Change By Crispin Sartwell
Cool by Steve Cook  
Cutting Remarks and Tearing a Lady in Two
Dave Campbell Legacy (Written by Peter Duffie)  
Decade (David Britland)
Diamonds from Coal (Duffie/Robertson)  
Duplicity (Dave Campbell)
First Impressions (Lee Earle)
Gemini Book (Stephen Tucker)
Golden Floating Stick (Mike Danata)
Good Luck From Beijing (Richard Webster)  
Harbin Book  
Inspirations  (Duffie & Sadowitz)  
The John Booth Reader  By Ben Robinson
Magic of Al Koran (Martin Breese)  
Magic of Fred Robinson (Peter Duffie)  
Mastered Amazement (Koran & Lamonte)  
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.1  
Mental magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.2  
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.3  
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.4  
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.5  
All Five Volumes of Above on Special Offer!  
More Secrets (Terri Rogers)  
Pages From Patrick's Notebook (Patrick Page)  
Paul Diamond Entertains  
Paul Harris in Las Vegas Close-up
Penultimate Cups & Balls! (Bob Read)  
Ponsin on Conjuring
Professional Touch (Billy McComb)  
Pull Book (Patrick Page)  
Pure Gold (Roy Johnson)  
Rings in Your Fingers (Fitzkee)  
St. George's Hall (Ann Davenport & John Salisse)  
Stand Up Card Magic (Colin H. Linn )
Stuff (Eric Mason)  
Spell-Binder Magazine - Volume 2.  
Star Gate (Terri Rogers)
Subtle Miracles (Peter Duffie)  
Ted Lesley’s Working Performer’s Marked Deck Manual  
Telepathy Personified (Ron & Nancy Spencer)  

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The Complete Works of Wolfgang Riebe  
ABC Deck (Magic Christian)
Alarming Card (Martin Breese)  
Bendix Bombshell Wallet  
Bramah Bowls  
Card Dice  
Card to Hip Wallet (Eric Mason & Martin Breese)  
Colombini Wild Mix  
Cutting Remarks (David Britland)
Devil's Own Oil & Water (Dominic Twose)  
Double Reel (Breese Exclusive)  
Double Reel Wristwatch! (Breese Exclusive)  
Duffie's Dazed!  
Duffie's Dead Reckoning  
Duffie's Diary  
Duffie's Discovery Pack  
Duffie's Downfall  
Duffie's Pronto Print!  
Duffie's  SOLO 
Duffie's SyncroMatic  
Duffie's That's Amore  
Duffie's Universal  
Duffie's Unsaid  
Duffie's Yikes!  
Espionage Wallet
Fabulous Lota Pot  
Florentin Hold-Out  
Headliner (Les Johnson)
Hills Envelope  
Horwitz Wallet  
Hover by Angelo Carbone  
Insight Wallet (Larry Becker)  
Jardine Ellis Rediscovered  
Kaps Smoking Thumb Gimmick  
Key to Borley Rectory (Martin Breese)
Killer Elite Pro (Andy Nyman)
Kaps Wallet  
Killer Wallet Deluxe
KO Chang Paddle (Magic Wagon)
Locking Reel  
LOOPS  (Yigal Mesika)  
The Magic Square Cushion  
Martini Rising Cards (Blue)  
Master Key (Terri Rogers)  
Melt Wallet
Pandora (Eric Mason)  
Pavilion Music Box  
Perfect Pen (John Cornelius)
Phantom of the Wallet  
Photo Finish (Steve Cook)
Psycho Deck (Martin Breese Wolfgang Riebe)  
Reel - Unique Classic  
Reel - Unique Classic Locking  
Seabrooke Signed Note in Walletl
Sensor Envelope  
Shuber  Plates
Shufton's Portal (with David Regal)  
Shufton's Two Little Mistakes  
Taking Notes (Wayne Dobson)
Tearing a  Lady in Two (David Britland)
Ted Lesley’s Working Performer’s Marked Deck Manual  
This, That & the Other (Stephen Tucker)  
Toony Angel  By Michael Maxwell
Top of the Bill (Terri Rogers)  
The Trick that Fooled Patrick Page (A.G.)  
Ultimate Magic Square  By Chris Wasshuber
Ultra Vision (Edward Crawford)  
Val Andrews Unfaked Book Test  
Vectra Super Strong Thread (Steve Fearson)  
Wireless Wallet (by Yaniv Levy and Wayne Dobson)

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Chicanery Magazine (Stephen Tucker)  
Gen (Harry Stanley)  
Jinx  (Annemann) - New Version!  
Magic Mag (Derek Lever)  
Magic Magazine (Max Andrews)  
Magic Wand  
New Pentagram (Peter Warlock)  
Pentagram (Peter Warlock)  
Slydini Encores  
Spellbinder (Stephen Tucker)  
Stanyon's Magic (Ellis Stanyon)  
Trixy Magazine  
Wizard (George Armstrong  

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DVD & DVDrom  
A1 Magical Media All-Stars
A1 Magical Media Convention at the Capital
A1 Magical Media Greatest Hits: Vol.1
Al Koran Miracle Blindfold Act  
Al Koran's Secrets
Chan Canasta  
Classic Indian Street Magic (with booklet)  
Fred Robinson - Live!  
Learn to Levitate (Michael Maxwell)
Move Mastery Vol.1 (Peter Duffie)
Move Mastery Vol.2 (Peter Duffie)
Move Mastery Vol.3 (Peter Duffie)
Great Scott It's Magic!
Maestro Leonardo Cups & Balls  
Revolutionary Coin Technique (Bertini)  
Secrets (Terri Rogers)  
Spell Binder Vol.1  (Stephen Tucker)  
Visions of Ken Brooke  
Wrinkles on the Table (Shufton)  

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