Ben Harris

A named card vanishes from a sealed deck that you never touch and the card is found in an impossible location of your choice. No gimmicks, no special decks.

Completely self-working (both the vanish and the re-appearance). 
You never touch the cards - ever. 
Only the one deck used (no more multiple-deck outs). 
Spectator can remove card from its final destination. 
Immediately repeatable (ideal for walk-around, or the streets). 
Chosen card can appear in your wallet, shoe, pocket, or anywhere - you decide.
No switches of any kind, no stooges of any kind. 

Booklet includes a bonus CRACAAN routine by Steve Shufton - This is the Crossroads principle applied to the "Any Card at Any Number" plot with stunning results. 

Introduction by Peter Duffie. Booklet has full instructions with forcing patter and suggestions for alternative presentations.

A4 Format soft cover, 2009, 33pp. 

Price 15.00  (plus postage)