Roger Curzon

Sublimations by Roger Curzon

A superb collection of Mental, New Age and Bizarre Magick for Intimate Performance.

Comes with performance DVD!

As far as I am concerned Roger Curzon is a genius and everything he does is exceptionally clever.   I am about to start reading the book and will watch the DVD later this evening.

Because I am so impressed by Roger’s work I am very content to have it on sale on my website and I know that I am going to be  enthusiastic about a lot of the routines.  We will see and I will report back.

The DVD can also be used on your computer as if it were a CD-Rom and contains two resource folders with full colour photographs and templates you can print out and use to construct effects.

Here are the effects in the book and on the DVD:

Chromancy -- 'Aura Stone' prophecy.
Cold Reading Lines for Colours.
Psychotronic -- Spectators' 'collective psychic energy’ affects calculator.
Automatism -- Automatic writing duplication.
The Souls of Previous Times -- 1572. The Plague takes its victims-only one survives!
Date Divination -- Coin date divined.
Some Thoughts on Notepads, Wallets, Business Cards, etc.
The Number of the Beast -- Satan summoned via numerological prediction.
The Four Pattern Prediction -- Pattern character analysis with prediction climax.
The Three Pattern Prediction -- business card variation of above.
Quadtasense -- Combines Tarot reading with clean prediction.
Kliptomaniac (without the clip) -- Psychometric coin routine.
A Gift from Elizabeth Francis -- The witch is dead, but......!
Got Your Number -- A spectator transmits a number via automatic writing.
Gematria -- Cabalistic alphabet prediction.
Gematria Two.
Congruent Coin Force.
Night of the Demon -- Chosen demon's name appears in fire.
The Pen and the Pendulum -- Eerie living and dead test.

Zurcon (An experiment in chromatic hypersensitivity) -- -- originally sold for £25. Full manufacturing instructions and routine.
Zurcon -- The sequel
The Third Eye -- Stunning headline prediction.
A Simple Idea for a Crib Sheet.
Subliminal Perception -- ESP Post-It Note Prediction.
The Shining -- Impromptu drawing duplication.
Solipsism -- Playing with reality -- Runic parchment revelation.
Predict that the Last Four Numbers on the Note Will Be....Latest version of Roger's utility prediction device.

24 routines - 149 A4 pages - 80 photographs and line drawings.