Penultimate Cups & Balls!
Bob Read

Penultimate Cups & Balls! by Bob Read

We have discovered a handful of Bob Read's Penultimate Cups & Balls Routine. You supply your own props such as one traditional cup for the cups and balls, a paper cup and a china mug. The routine is based on the Dai Vernon classic routine but is much easier to perform. The entire routine is a comedy classic and the final load is a bunch of sausages.

Bob's complete patter is included and the jokes are so funny that they serve to provide the misdirection required:

"We also use this length of painted wood laughingly referred to as a magic wand."

"Rubbish like this and you wonder why magic is dead."

"You will notice the two white ends - I've been using it to stir the paint."

"A tap and two things happen. One, small red bruises appear on the back of the hand and two the ball completely disappears."

"Did anyone spot my deliberate mistake? My only mistake was coming on ... and here they are back under the cups. (No laughter) .. The acoustics in here are awful - I can hardly hear you."