Close Up to the Point
Peter Duffie

Close Up to the Point by Peter Duffie

Illustrated and designed by David Britland.

Published by Martin Breese in 1984

This was Peter Duffie's first solo book published on the heels of his hugely successful Alternative Card Magic and Contemporary Card Magic.

It includes mostly card routines with a couple of coin routines sprinkled in for good measure. The effects are not difficult to do and can be classified as easy to intermediate at the most.

It is a joy if one can study the early creative output of one of the most accomplished card magician alive today.

1st edition 1984; original 30 pages; PDF 37 pages.

Table of contents

Ghost Hunters
Collectors Item
The Journey
Copper, Silver, Card!
Deja Vu
Signus XII
Mission Successful
Coins Across
Theatre Of The Absurd
Tete A Tete
Business For The Top Change
Collins Upturned
Fred 23
The Jipsum Box
Coin In Pack Routine
The Outer Limits
Folded Card And Coin Trick
Double Fantasy
The Extractors
Under Cover

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