Stephen Tucker's Chicanery Magazine

Stephen Tucker's Chicanery Magazine

STEPHEN TUCKER is probably one of the craziest people you will ever meet in magic.  He may be crazy but he also happens to be highly talented and a very creative person. 

If he had been working with numbers he would have invented the computer but luckily for all of us magic nuts Stephen Tucker was magic crazy.  He has invented many magic effects and has supported himself  himself over the years by performing magic, inventing magic tricks and editing and producing magic magazines.  He was the editor and publisher of the amazing Spell-Binder Magazine and when he was short of cash he sold all of the rights to me and when he was short of money again he sold all the rights to his really excellent Chicanery Magazine to me as well. 

I have published a number of his magic books and it is a little known fact that Stephen Tucker was the first person to ever make a magical video cassette.  We produced and made it together and had no idea back then that we were both starting a revolution in magic. Chicanery is a worthy successor to Spell-Binder and most of the effects within its pages are by Stephen.  He gave himself pen names and a typical Tucker touch is that the names are Pen Tell and Mark Erpen and so on. 


If you loved Spell-Binder then you will love this! 

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