The Digital Gen Magazine
Harry Stanley

Digital Gen Magazine by Harry Stanley

"I received the Digital Gen today and I am really pleased to be able to find so many wonderful articles and tricks so easily on my computer. Thanks a lot." - Jens Thorwächter, Jeton Gentleman Juggler, Germany.

The GEN magazine was published by Harry Stanley and edited by Lewis Ganson. Virtually every known name in the world of post-war magic made a contribution to the Gen or was featured in its columns. 

Ken Brooke, for example contributed 27 items. There were hundreds of well known names who contributed to the GEN - here are just a few: Al Koran, David Berglas, Ed Marlo, Billy McComb, Robert Harbin, Juan Tamariz, Roy Walton, Jack Avis, Dai Vernon, Fred Lowe, Bob Driebeek, and Fred Kaps. 

The Gen ran for 26 years starting in 1945 and has nearly 9000 pages, over 300 issues and over 13500 photographic images. The scans were made painstakingly and accurately. It is available on four CDs with a 161 page index compiled by Dr Michael Collie.


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