Digital Wizard Magazine
George Armstrong

Digital Wizard Magazine by George Armstrong

One of our major releases is the Digital Wizard Magazine. The Wizard Magazine was published in 1947 by George Armstrong the publisher of The Magic Wand. There were a total of 95 issues and it terminated in July 1956. The magazine covered general magic and had a wide range of contributors who were mainly British. Just a few of the contributors were George Arrowsmith, Ken Brooke, Arthur Carter, Cedric, Chandhu, Edward Dexter, Hen Fetsch, Lewis Ganson, Louis Histed, Roy Johnson, Al Koran, Fred Lowe, Billy McComb, Han Trixer, Verrall Wass, Mark Weston and Jack Yates. There were countless more of course.

There are a total of 3,328 pages and 114 pages of index. The contents page is hypertext linked and one click of the mouse takes the viewer to the relevant item in a split second. 

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