The Jinx on CD-Rom
Ted Annemann

The Jinx on CDRom by Ted Annemann

October 1934 - 1941; 907 pages

We have a limited quantity of this new version of the Jinx CD in stock.  At the low price of 13.75 plus postage it is a total bargain and we are bound to sell out very rapidly. 

MANY OF the world's top mentalists consider the Jinx to be one of the most important of all magical publications ever. It is a treasure chest of ideas, methods, routines and Annemann's own perceptive views on magic. A must read not just for mentalists but for all magicians everywhere.

Here is the most convenient form of the Jinx to date. You will get all 151 issues including all summer and winter extras. Each issue is quickly accessible via a bookmark. It now includes reproductions of all the old advertisements for the Jinx, the old three-part index prepared by J. G. Thompson Jr. and a completely new 30-page index which has been in full alphabetical order spanning all issues and extras.

The producers of this great CD-Rom version have taken the utmost care with the digitization. The scans were prepared from unbound issues to avoid any kind of page distortion. Each page was then manually cleaned and corrected to produce the best possible look and feel. And the latest OCR technology has been used to make each and every page fully text-searchable.

And if that was not enough please also note that the disc also includes the ebook Popular Card Tricks by Gibson.  It has been included and is appropriate because Annemann intended to publish this book in a special issue of the Jinx.

The price is a real bargain at 13.75 (plus postage).  Order now to avoid disappointment.


Price 13.75  (plus postage)

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