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PETER WARLOCK’S  New Pentagram magazine was first published in March 1969 and ran for the next twenty years. This innovative and creative monthly magazine had a leaning towards mentalism and close-up magic and was packed with contributions from some of the leading names from magical history. As was the case with the original Pentagram, some ground-breaking effects and routines were first published in New Pentagram.  Just one example was Ted Danson’s remarkable diary effect. 

The PentagramNew Pentagram and The Gen were probably the most influential British magazines to have been published and had a great impact on magicians everywhere.  (All these magazines are now available on CD-Rom from Martin Breese.)

Here are some of the top names who wrote for New Pentagram: Jack Avis, Jacob Daley, Robert Harbin, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Peter Kane, Milt Kort, Fred Lowe, Robert Neale, Harvey Rosenthal, Lewis Ganson, David Berglas, Basil Horwitz, Al Koran, Leslie May, Billy O’Connor, Phil Goldstein, Billy McComb, Gus Southall, Hans Trixer, George Blake, Charles Cameron, Trevor Lewis, Bob Ostin, Malcolm Davison, Karl Fulves, U.F. Grant, Dai Vernon, Maurice Fogel and so many more. What a feast! 

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