A1 Magical Media Convention at the Capital Live DVD


Four volumes are available 1988 to 2001 - 
showing leading magicians performing their magical effects. 

Each is priced at 17.50 (plus postage)

Live 1998: Tommy Wonder, Guy Hollingworth, Derek Dingle, Eric DeCamps, Gregory Wilson, Docc Hilford, Kenton Knepper. 

Live 1999: Albert Colombini, Gregory Wilson, Paul Green, Paul Wilson, Lee Earle, Chad Long, Frank Balcerak, Mark Strivings 

Live 2000: Lennart Green, Johnny Thompson, Carl Cloutier, Mike Caveney, Martin Lewis, Paul Wilson, Jerry Andrus, Whit Haydn, Gregory Wilson, Joshua Jay.

Live 2001: Paul Gertner, Rich Marotte, Daryl, David regal, Paul Wilson, Simon Lovell, Andrew Wimhurst, Jerry Andrus. 

Order all fourvolumes for 45.