Bertini Revolutionary Coin Magic DVD

Bertini Revolutionary Coin Magic DVD

Martin Breese is delighted and very proud to announce that he has been granted sole, exclusive and worldwide wholesale rights to the amazing Bertini Coin Magic DVD. The original disc supplied was made for use in computers only but with help from a number of friends the original Video CD has now been adapted to full DVD standards which means that the disc can be played on conventional DVD machines or on computers and this gives the purchaser a wider choice of viewing possibilities.

Bertini Coin Magic DVD

The performances demonstrate a never-before seen and original coin manipulation system. You won't believe your eyes!

Although not for beginners, a study of these moves will enhance your present arsenal of sleights in ways you never dreamed. You will find a collection of equipments, steals, fake transfers, switches, productions, and loads, designed to whiz by the closest observer.

All of these have been applied to classic effects to give them a lustre and dimension never before seen. We believe this material is destined to change the face of coin magic forever.

Watch the Vide Demos:  requires Windows Media Player.

Florintine Assembly WATCH VIDEO
Spellbound WATCH VIDEO
Portable Hole WATCH VIDEO

"Giacomo Does some of the finest and most innovative magic I have ever seen." -- David Roth

"On our recent European tour, Roth and I were fortunate to spend time with someone who has techniques that will ROCK the coin magic world." -- Michael Rubinstein

"Bertini's coin magic is not like anything I have ever witnessed in well over half a century of doing coin magic. It is nothing short of incredible. It truly looks like 'real magic.' All of his techniques are ground-breaking and far more refined than anything I have ever seen anyone else do before." -- Harvey Rosenthal

"Bertini is the best and most original coin man I have ever seen!" -- Steve Draun

"Giacomo Bertini's coin magic not only raised the bar, he is the only one who jumps over and clears his own bar by several feet. Just when you assume that the subject has been thoroughly mined, someone like Bertini comes alone and proves the experts wrong. His coin work is pristinely clean, remarkably direct, and utterly astonishing." -- Jon Racherbaumer

"Bertini, in my opinion, is the Slydini of the 21st century - his coin techniques will set the standard for today's magicians..." -- Vinny Vincenzo Marini (the Godfather of magic)

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