The Move Mastery Series 
Peter Duffie


Move Mastery 1 CDRom by Peter Duffie

Instructional DVDROM 
containing 32 video clips.

16 Moves, Ace Productions 
and other eye-poppers.

All 16 items are fully
explained on this easy 
to navigate DVDROM

DVD Contents:

Fasteal #1
Fasteal #2
Fasteal #3
The Blink Change
Centre Block Palm
Palm Add - Bottom
Palm Add - Top
Fan Pass
No Table Seconds
Rotary Transformation
Riffle Pop!
4 Ace Production #1
4 Ace Production #2
Palm to Palm Transfer

Bonus Item: 
Two-handed Pass


Price 15.00 (plus postage)  


Move Mastery 2 CDRom by Peter Duffie

A Second Collection of
Amazing Moves & Sleight

This DVDROM Contains
Over 20 Killer Moves Demonstrated and
Carefully Explained in
36 Video Clips.
Running time of
Over 2 Hours!


DVD Contents:

Riffle Pass - Basic
Riffle Pass - Variants
Shaded Herrmann Pass (plus Palm Add)
Two Colour Changes
Invisible Card
Riffle Lap
Spin-cut Lapping
One to Five (plus Maze Lap)
PAUS (plus Tenkai Talk)
Two False Cuts (plus Blind Riffle sequence)
Scoop Switch
Toss-in Switch
Two Bottom Palms
Double Flight
Deck Switches

Price 15.00 (plus postage)  


Move Mastery 3 DVDRom by Peter Duffie

A Third Collection of 
Amazing Moves & Sleight

DVD-Rom containing 1hr 40 min of 
amazing sleights with playing cards.
Demonstrations with explanations. 
Plus a bonus clip of Duffie demonstrating
(no explanation) the Legendary 
Fred Robinson Middle Deal.


DVD Contents:

Ace Production
Flush Cut
Mult-table Shift
Riffle Force Touch
Spread Pass
Spread Control
Peek Steal
Shuffle Palm
Spread Switch
Middle Double
Charlie Miller Waterfall Control
Blind Cut
Ace Production #2
Second Deal Lapping
The Strike Second Deal
The Le Paul Second Deal
Bottom Dealing
Legendary Middle Deal (Demo-only)

Price only 15.00
(plus postage) 



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