Martin Breese's

Martin Breese Alarming Card

This is unique and very different. A card is freely selected and shuffled back into the pack. The performer takes six cards and from various parts of the pack and lays them face down on the close up mat which is supplied. He then takes his watch and sets the alarm for a few minutes ahead.

Martin Breese Alarming Card

The watch is placed into a little bag with a drawstring and the spectator is asked to place the bag over each card and to keep doing so. After a short time the alarm can be heard sounding when it is over or resting on one of the cards. That card is turned over and is seen to be the selected card.

Everything required is supplied and you use your own pack of cards. The effect is virtually self-working and has a big impact on the audience.

The effect was inspired by Scotty York's Bulb and Beamshot and every time I have used it it has had a fantastic impact on the audience.

This is another effect that has been sitting around in my storeroom waiting to be released. And, at long last, here it is. There are more to follow so watch this space.

Price ... 20.00 (plus postage)