Bramah Bowls

Bramah Bowls


The Bramah Bowls are exact copies of the traditional brass Brahmah Bowls that a good friend lent to me and suggested that I had made in Ceramic. I must thank Brian Gray my friend from London who urged me to get them made.

The Bramah Bowls offer a very similar effect to the classic Rice Bowls but a circular disc of celluloid is not required and both bowls can be shown to be empty and there is no chance of a tell-tale reflection from the celluloid disc as in the Rice Bowl set up. Once again rice or something similar is put in one bowl and the two bowls placed together and the rice has doubled. The rice is poured into a container and the bowls are placed face to face yet again and water miraculously appears and is poured from bowl to bowl. One of these bowls is gimmicked just like a lotapot with a secret reservoir of water and the other gimmicked so that it has a much smaller interior than the other. When placed together as one bowl is smaller inside than the other the rice appears to have doubled and then when all the rice is removed and the secret reservoir is allowed to open the performer can pour water or any other liquid from bowl to bowl. The Rice Bowls and the Brahmah Bowls have always been great items but as the Brahmah Bowls are now made by a top potter in ceramic material or clay they are absolutely out of this world. Each bowl is about three and a quarter inches high and they measure roughly four inches in diameter.

Quite frankly they are works of art to be treasured and I am very proud to be able to offer them to the magical fraternity. In addition to thanking Brian Gray for coming up with the idea I must also thank someone I have known for 20 years or more as well, for getting them made for me and this kind person is my very close friend Martin Duffy. Thank you both of you for your kind help. Greatly appreciated.