The Magic Square Cushion

Many years ago Heidi, the late Basil Horwitz's wife made me a hand-embroidered cushion with a very clever Magic Square as the design. It was a gift and I always have treasured it.

On the front of the cushion is the magic square and on the back of the cushion is the total that the magic square provides when the various squares are added together using the usual presentation.

I have had this cushion in my home and on a sofa every since receiving it and every magician to have visited my home and many lay people as well have been fascinated by the Magic Square Cushion.

In the basement flat of the house in which I also have my apartment is Jenny, a young lady who embroiders pieces of fabric for some of the top fashion designers in the world. In its own right her work is collectible and when she saw the cushion she told me that she could produce a small number of them for me.

Sure enough after a few weeks she came to see me with 12 perfect replicas of Heidi's Magic Square Cushion. As she had named her price when I commissioned her she charged me the price we had agreed but told me that if I want to order again they will cost twice as much and so when these 12 cushion covers have gone the price we will sell them for will be much higher.

The Magic Square Cushion The Magic Square Cushion

An interesting feature of the Magic Square featured on the cushion is the fact that the cushion can be upside down as well (see the two photographs and you will see for yourself) and the same formula still works. This is a perfect present for a magician or the perfect present for yourself.

As soon as it is seen in your home it could provide the starting point for a demonstration of a Magic Square. The item is available as a cushion cover and all you need to do, on receipt, is to visit any shop where plain cushions are sold, undo the zip of the cushion cover, slide the cushion inside and you have got yourself a fabulous magic cushion.

Price was 42.50  

Now Only --  15.00 (plus postage)