The Insight Wallet by Becker

The Insight Wallet reeks of quality and, unlike the majority of magic wallets I have seen, it is absolutely natural in appearance and not something massive that looks as if it contains a 16-page document folded in three! The wallet itself comes in a beautiful red velvet bag that although not used in the presentation is a clue as to the quality of the whole production.

The collaboration of two great minds in magic is evident in this great wallet. Creative thinking from Larry Becker is combined with the great manufacturing skills of Tony Curtis.

It is not my business to expose and reveal the working methods of other creative magical thinkers but this is something special in my opinion. The information you need to retrieve is written on the blank side of business card and slid into the wallet over a credit card which is in the same pocket. The performer opens the wallet for a split second to take out a thin rubber band and instantly knows and can so easily read everything secretly written down. Like all good props this one does all the dirty work for you so you can concentrate on your performance. Along with my own production, the Horwitz Wallet, I give the Insight Wallet 10 out of 10. I do wish I had ordered more as I know that we will sell a lot of these!


Insight Wallet is ingeniously designed and beautifully fabricated in luxurious black leather and measures only 8cm wide by 12.5cm deep.

Using the Insight Wallet is so easy and requires no sleight of hand. You can instantly reveal whatever the spectator writes or draws. Words, numbers, designs, the possibilities are limitless. With nothing to conceal, everything is done naturally right in front of the spectator with no suspicious moves or impression method used.

This is a truly professional device for both mentalist's and magicians and comes complete with full performance routines by Larry Becker.

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