The Pavilion Music Box

"Received the music box. What a great idea and very deceptive. Will "gimmick" our dinner table and have a lot of fun with it." John Houdi, Sweden, Member of FISM 2006 Group


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The Pavilion Music Box: This is yet another miracle effect. The box itself is made by a craftsman and is nicely finished. As you tell the story detailed in the patter, if you choose to do so you can make the box play its tune as you open and close the box. Later in the story you are able to make the music box play even though you are standing several feet away from it.

As the story comes to its conclusion you can allow any of the spectators to examine the box and they will be as amazed as the Museum Manager when they discover that they could examine it for ever and ever and will never find anything musical about the box which is completely empty. I will not describe how the box works but I will say that I have had one in my home for many years now. As my guests arrive I open the box and allow it to play. Later during the evening I might tell the story of Henry from the Royal Pavilion and I can assure you that when the box is finally examined and found to be just an empty box no one says a word and there is just a completely amazed expression on the faces of all in the room.

Brian Gray who owned one of the original box made about 15 years ago does not use it in his home but uses it when working tables and told me exactly how he does it. Russell Hall the owner of Magick Enterprises has one as well. I don’t do much in the way of shows and I prefer to have it ready to go in my home.

I will not give any clues or reveal how this effect works! It is simply brilliant and worth every penny of its price.  If anyone can find any mechanism in the box I will willingly give the sum of £1000 to charity. There is absolutely nowhere in the box for any kind of mechanism to be hidden. And that is the magic of the Pavilion Music Box.

When I last produced ten of these music boxes about ten years ago I sold them to magic dealers with the idea that they would sell them through their magic stores to other magicians. I was rather amazed to find out much later that three magic dealers kept the boxes for themselves. I did exactly the same. All of us just wanted to keep it for ourselves rather than sell it. I am glad that I now have a few of these boxes ready for sale again and part of the trick is produced by a friend who has the skill and ability to take a magical concept from me and turn it into reality. The guy who makes the hidden bits is not known to the magic community but he is certainly a genius in a very specialised field.

This time I hope that magic dealers will not keep the boxes and that they will be sold to keen magicians who will buy one and use it over and over again. Absolutely no sleight of hand is required just the ability to tell my story or any good story with a straight face. Completely self working. Full instructions, hints and tips supplied and the box is guaranteed to work effectively.




The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England was the fantasy palace of the Prince Regent hence the term Regency which is applied to furniture and houses of that period.

The Royal Pavilion not more than 15 minutes walk from my home has now been turned into a living museum and many of the items in the museum were actually in use during the time when the Prince Regent lived at the Royal Pavilion. One of the items that was once on display in the museum was a music box.

The box would play its melody – a sad and lingering tune – every time the box was opened and one of the attendants, Henry, who took parties of tourists around the museum would delight in stopping the tour in front of the box. He would lean over the rope guardrail and open the box and the music would start. It would enchant all those who heard it and many returned to the museum just to hear the little music box play.

One day Henry the attendant was cycling to work and hit the kerb and damaged his ankle and his employers decided that, as he wasn’t able to walk with ease that he would have to be seated in one of the long halls so that he could ensure that nothing was stolen from the museum. He was no longer able to take parties around the museum nor did he have an excuse to open the music box to allow others to hear its beautiful music.

Henry was sad that his job meant that he would have to sit in a chair in the long hall. One day as he sat in his chair he heard the faint sound of music coming from somewhere. He got out of his chair and walked down the long hall and was amazed to hear that the music was coming from the music box.

As he approached the box the music stopped playing. He leant over the guardrail opened the box and the music played again as usual. He closed the box and limped back to his chair and was about to sit down when again he heard music coming from the box. Again he limped down to the box and as he approached it the music stopped.

He couldn’t believe that the box was playing of its own accord and was completely puzzled. Day after day as he sat in his chair he heard the music box calling to him and eventually he decided that he would have to tell someone.

He knocked on the door of the museum manager’s office and told him the story of the music box. The manager smiled to himself and wondered what had happened to Henry.

“Henry,” he said, “that isn’t a music box at all it was used to keep tobacco in.”

Henry was adamant that it was a music box and insisted that the manager accompany him into the museum. Henry picked up the box and showed it to the manager. The manager opened the box and showed it to Henry. “Look Henry, this box is completely empty it has no music mechanism inside it at all.”

Henry carried on with his job for several months and one evening just before closing hours at the museum he picked up the box and discovered its magical secret. A few days later Henry resigned his job and as he left, without a word to his colleagues, he was able to drop the box into an old bag he was carrying. The box was never missed and nor was Henry but today Henry travels the world as Henry the Magician and wherever he goes he mystifies and puzzles all those who hear the music box and are then asked to examine it and discover to their amazement that it is just a box with nothing inside it at all.

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