Eric Masonís


The Most Beautiful Trick in the World.

This is one of the funniest and most startling ways of producing a selected card that I have even seen. In effect a card is selected and returned to the pack. The card can be marked if so desired. A small box is shown; it is circular with a hinged lid, rather like a ladies powder compact, but smaller. It is placed on top of the pack and opened. Out pops a jack in the box type of snake with the chosen card stuck to its nose.

It is as quick and clean as that: There is no fumbling, palming or anything of that kind. The impact comes because the card is bigger than the box that it is seen to come out of.

I have seen this effect performed for laymen and magicians. Always the result has been a gasp of amazement followed by a huge laugh as the audience realize the impossibility of what they have just witnessed. There are no awkward angles and you can be as close as you like. (Review in Pabular magazine by Walt Lees).