The trick that fooled Patrick Page.

A,G. who says he invented this trick told me that he showed it to the late Patrick Page and Patrick admitted that he had not got a clue as to how it was done. I have shown it to three good magical friends who have an excellent knowledge of magic and, even with my own inept handling and lack of skill, they have all been fooled. It is an incredibly simple effect to perform. You have two long safety pins; one is red and the other the normal silver colour. A borrowed ring (unfeked obviously) is placed on the on the free arm of the red safety pin and the pin genuinely closed. The two safety pins are held between your hands and your hands separate and the ring has travelled to the plain safety pin. The pins have not been feked mechanically in any way and the principle used is well known to magicians but it has never been applied to safety pins before.

The pins do not have extra openings or slits and sleights are not needed. If you want to enhance the effect then you can use some sleights but they are not really necessary at all. It is a fooler and I love it. The props are not that well made but the fact is that this is something special and well worth performing if you like to puzzle your audiences.

Put a borrowed ring on the red pin and lock it. Hold the two safety pins between your hands for a moment and zap when you open your hands the ring has moved to the silver pin. Almost self working and priced at 17.50 and would be much more if the props were better quality ... but whatever ... they work!

For a similar mentalism effect see Malarky.

Price 20.00 (plus postage)