Locking Reel

It has taken a long time but at last I have managed to find the guy who actually made the classic Unique Reels for Harry Stanley many years ago. I have a limited quantity available at the moment and each comes with a set of fully revised instructions by Ken Brooke and Lewis Ganson for the Serpent Silk routine.

Ken's method is the best and the instructions are detailed and photographically illustrated as well.

The reels are brilliantly made and are exactly the same as they were when Harry Stanley first made them available through his Unique Magic Studio so many years ago. They are silent and very powerful and can be used for any effect that requires a reel.

At the moment we are reprinting the booklet by Ken Brooke and Lewis Ganson on effects that can be performed with a reel. The booklet is entitled Reelistic Magic and it should be available soon.