Shuber Plates - Card Protectors

Shuber Plates - Card Protectors

Shuber Plates are the new versatile and cool accessory for the modern card magician. They protect your cards like a card clip or card guard, but are not limited to a single deck of cards. Anything from a single card up to two decks can be protected equally well.

Shuber Plates are two sturdy stainless steel plates with size and shape equal to a Poker card. Put one plate at the bottom, the other at the top of your deck and secure everything with the custom rubber band. The plates will protect your cards and keep them flat and clean. You can protect anything from a single card, or small packet trick all the way to a full deck plus additional cards up to two decks stacked on top of each other.

What you get:

  • One stainless steel Shuber Plate engraved with an Ace of Spades on one side.

  • One stainless steel Shuber Plate blank on both sides.

  • Two wide transparent custom made rubber bands perfectly sized to work in combination with the plates. (If you need replacement bands you can buy them in packs of 5.)

Price 12.00
(plus postage)