The Unsaid
Peter Duffie

A packet of 8 cards is shown (there are no extra cards used—only eight), first the backs are shown one by one, then the faces are shown one by one.

The packet is divided into two and a card is selected from one pile which—you state—will act as a Psychic Communicator. A spectator takes the remaining pile—shuffles it—remembers any card, then shuffles again—combines both piles then shuffles all together.

He never tells you the name of the card.

You now ask the Psychic Communicator to help you to divine the card in the spectator’s mind. Despite the seeming impossible conditions, you instantly succeed, without a single word being said by the spectator.

Finally you say, “You may not believe that this playing card really spoke to me? Well….some things are better left UNSAID.” At this, you turn the card face down revealing the name of the selection written on the back! You may hand this out as a keepsake.

Self Working Miracle!
Made in Bicycle Cards

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