The perfect "signed" coin to watch!

Martin says: This is a very neat effect indeed. It requires the performer to make two switches of coins but other than that it is very easy to do. In addition to having a glass crystal window that pops up when you press the button to release the coin from under the glass it also functions as a very nice watch as well.

WATCHED is the next generation "Card to Watch". It is totally new. WATCHED is a specially designed fully functional timepiece.

This watch is revolutionary in its design and ease of use. This effect can be performed anywhere, anytime.

Imagine, taking a borrowed coin from an audience member. Have them initial one side and you the other.

The coin vanishes only to appear under the crystal of your wristwatch. Sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it?

There have been other attempts to create this mystery. However, they use a non-functioning watch and gymnastics to get the job done.

WATCHED is the perfect "signed" coin to watch.