Wireless Wallet
by Yaniv Levy and Wayne Dobson

Wireless Wallet

The Wireless Wallet can help you read minds in a simple and easy way. With this wireless wallet you can perform a variety of new routines or improve existing ones.

The wallet is a visual and professional prop which enables “one on one” close up performances as well as stage performances with several participants.

The wallet transmits wirelessly which card the volunteer chose to remove from the wallet or which card he placed in the wallet. 

With this wallet one may use non-gimmicked cards (completely ordinary) as well as pieces of paper or bank notes.

This wallet contains 5 compartments, 4 card compartments and one completely see-through transparent compartment.

Example routine:

The performer places 4 different destination flight tickets in 4 different compartments, the performer requests from three volunteers to remove one flight ticket each, as so that each volunteer holds a ticket in hand. 

The performer is able to guess which ticket each person is holding as well as the remaining ticket in the wallet.

The kit includes: Wallet - Miniature vibrating receiver (works with all cobra magic products)– 5 Destination flight tickets – 5 ESP cards – Batteries. Three sample routines are demonstrated on Cobra Magic.com


Price £250.00 (post free)