Quarks Quirks

Ben Harris

A journey beyond the tear, inspired by the world of Quantum Physics.

In this superbly produced book, filled with photographs Ben Harris shares seven routines. Includes: 

THE QUARTER BACK TEAR: A method for apparently tearing a card cleanly in half.

PARTICLE VANISH: A clean and complete vanish of a full playing card.

TWIST ASSIST: The visible restoration of one or two quarters of playing card in succession (depending upon the application).

SPACE ODDITY: One moment the card is torn in half width wise, the next moment it is torn in half lengthwise. 

PARTICLE PHYSICS: A signed card vanishes while being torn into quarters. 

MANY WORLDS CLIMAX FOR HOODWINK: A striking finish for the basic Hoodwink! 

WINK WINK: An examinable method for the acclaimed Hoodwink. 

"Some of the most clever takes on the Torn and Restored Card in years, Ben Harris' Quarks & Quirks is an invigorating journey of topological twists and tears." - Richard Kaufman 

A4 Format soft cover, 2000, 39pp 

Price 12.00  (plus postage)