The Florentin Hold-Out is hand made is brass with Velcro straps which are easier to use than the original leather ones. The arm extends by pulling a chord that can feed around your shoulder to your other wrist, where it is tied to a strap, such as a watch strap. Loosening the chord releases the spring and retracts the arm. A screw socket at the end of the arm allows attachments with a screw at the end to be fixed to the arm. We have four available. Two of these have a small reel to control the spring mechanism and extend around 6cm, two have a different control and extend around 9cm. Both are equally smooth.

This item was sold originally (for 275) with four different attachments and with a strap for tying the chord to. The few we have left have just one attachment, and the extra strap is not provided. The attachment provided is a large paper-clip type particularly useful for cards, notes and coins. With a little invention you would be able to make additional attachments to your taste. Instructions provided are for all the original attachments etc, but are still correct in all important respects.

Only  125 (post free)