The Martini Rising Cards
Approved by Mitch Devano the inventor.

I have hunted the world for the very best Rising Cards that money can buy. I found these in the US and they are really excellent.. These are the US style thin gimmick Devano rising cards and were made with permission of Mitch Devano. They are the best version that can be purchased and are in poker size bicycle cards with blue or red backs. The rising gimmick is thin and exceptionally well made and there is a lifetime guarantee on the cards.

If anything goes wrong the purchaser can return them to the manufacturer in the USA with a couple of dollar notes for the return of the pack. They will be fixed free of charge and posted back to the owner. In other words for the sum of 18.00 you will be buying the Rolls Royce of Rising Cards and what is more you know that they will last you a lifetime because they will be repaired free of charge. Please don't be put off by the relatively low price ... in my opinion they are worth 30 or even more.

BLUE Backed Deck ... 18.00 (plus postage) 

Backed Deck ... 18.00
(plus postage)