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Killer Elite Pro  
By Andy Nyman

This is a powerful and up-to-date piece of close-up Mentalism. The performer takes out a small leather wallet and from it; he removes a poker-chip and four cards, each bearing the image of a well known movie-killer. These are set out on the table and the performer paints a picture of argument and fight with just the one survivor. When your spectator chooses which of the four has survived you can prove the choice is the right one.

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Melt Wallet

A simple little effect for party time. Two cards inside a window wallet are shown to the spectator and then taken from the wallet. The first card is now revealed as blank and it’s image has somehow melted onto the back of the other.

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John Cornelius’s Perfect Pen

This is an updated version of his ‘Pen through Anything’. It’s a fine looking working (and refillable) metal pen that will penetrate borrowed notes, coins or other items. The pen is totally examinable and only the one pen is used. You can even add the ripped pieces of a note for added effect. A fantastic penetrate and restore effect that even I have (almost) mastered. Complete with instructions and sample routines.

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Taking Notes
By Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson’s ‘Taking Notes’ is a really neat little free will prediction effect. You have a quality credit card type wallet in which you place three different banknotes. Each is taken by out by the spectator – whilst you are not looking - and each placed in one of the spectator’s pockets. You have already written down which note will be where on your prediction card which the spectator also takes from the wallet.

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Ted Lesley’s Working Performer’s 
Marked Deck Manual

The 52 page manual including two sets of marking materials. Some are Martin Breese’s original publication, others are the Magic City re-print. They are all in new condition. The manual was put together my David Britland and Ted Lesley and illustrated by Eric mason and Jat. The instructions for preparing the deck are accompanied by routines from a number of contributors.

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Pandora (Eric Mason)

The Most Beautiful Trick in the World.

The snake pops out of the metal case and snatches the chosen card from the pack – or does the chosen card pop out of the metal box? Either way it’s amazing. Great close-up effect.

Was £32.50 now £22.50 -  Click HERE for further details.

Magic Magazines on CD — New Prices

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Stephen Tucker Chicanery Magazine £15.00
Harry Stanley/Lewis Ganson The Digital Gen 1945 to 1971 (4 CDs) £25.00
Derek Lever Magic Mag 1979 to 1983 £15.00
Max Andrews Magic Magazine 1952 to 1956 £15.00
George Munro/George Armstrong Magic Wand 1920 to 1956 (4 CDs) £25.00
Supreme Magigram 1966 to 1995 £15.00
Peter Warlock New Pentagram 1969 to 1989 £15.00
Nick Bolton/Fred Robinson/Eric Mason Pabular 1974 to 1982 £15.00
Peter Warlock Pentagram  £15.00
Martin Breese Sorcerer £15.00
Stephen Tucker Spell-binder Magazine £15.00
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon's Magic 1900-1920 £15.00
Rees - Boys Magicians' Club Trixy £15.00
George Armstrong The Wizard 1947-1956 £15.00

Vintage brass holdout

Highly collectable excellent condition. Florentin type, possible ‘Martin’. No markings and provenance uncertain. However, Martin Breese acquired two of these as an investment and marked their price as £750 – so he knew what they were! I will let one go for £250. More pictures on request. 

To order mail

Unfaked Book Test 
By Val Andrews

This is an unbelievable book test. Just imagine taking a modern book; perhaps a best seller in the bookshops right now. The book is genuine and is completely unfaked in any way. You can even ask a member of the audience or perhaps someone on a radio show that you will talking to, to bring along a copy of the Da Vinci Code or whatever you choose to use.

Now on sale at only £10.00.

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Cutting Remarks & Tearing a Lady in Two
by David Britland

Two booklets together. Tearing a Lady in Two describes a disguised version of the Torn and Restored Card. Cutting Remarks describes a way of achieving the Self Cutting Deck without the need for elastic or other complex gimmick.

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The Portal 
by Steve Shufton & David Regal

The Portal is jumbo-card sized prop that allows you to easily make small objects appear, disappear and change. Great effect for close-up or table work. 

Price ...  £30.00

Now only £15.00

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by Angelo Carbone

An incredible deck suspension from the devious mind of Angelo Carbone.  

Price ...  £15.00     

Now only ... £10.00

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Definitive Atomic Ball
from Magic Wagon

Show a beautiful small box, made of lacquered zebrawood, remove two dice, two metal rings and a steel ball. The box is now empty. Close the box and hand it to the spectator. 

You form a tube with the two rings. Put the steel ball on one of the dice, put the tube over both. The second dice is put into the tube. The steel ball VANISHES as you separate the tubes. 

The Ball REAPPEARS in the box held by the Spectator!

Watch the Video

£165.00 - Click HERE to Order.

Wireless Wallet
by Yaniv Levy and Wayne Dobson

The Wireless Wallet can help you read minds in a simple and easy way. With this wireless wallet you can perform a variety of new routines or improve existing ones.

The wallet is a visual and professional prop which enables “one on one” close up performances as well as stage performances with several participants.

The wallet transmits wirelessly which card the volunteer chose to remove from the wallet or which card he placed in the wallet. 

With this wallet one may use non-gimmicked cards (completely ordinary) as well as pieces of paper or bank notes.

£250.00 - Click HERE to Order.

Espionage Wallet

The Espionage Wallet
By Kieron Kirkland

Kieron Kirkland’s Espionage Wallet takes elements from Peter Nardi’s Assassin and Infinity Wallets, and adds new features to produce a really versatile prop. This hip wallet is a fantastic quality and opens fully to hold banknotes and cards.

Here are the features which it contains:

No palm card to wallet; Palm card to wallet; Billet to wallet; Clever internal peek; External peek; Perfect switch wallet; SUC function; Holdout system; Billet index; Card index; Shogun system.

Each wallet has been crafted from high quality leather and comes complete with an instructional DVD (which runs for over 1Hr 40 Minutes) packed full of routines including handling's & tips.

£90.00 - Click HERE to Order.

Terry Seabrooke Note in Wallet

Terry Seabrooke Signed Note in Wallet

This is the neatest version ever of Terry Seabrooke’s wallet for the Seabrooke Banknote in Wallet routine. Anyone who has ever seen Terry perform his Banknote in Wallet routine will know the great reaction from the audience that it received.

The spectator's signed banknote is vanished and later found inside a sealed envelope that is taken from inside a zippered wallet. Comes complete with a high quality leather zippered wallet, sample envelopes and instruction booklet. All of Terry's original handling and gags for the effect are fully explained.

£30 - Now £24  Click HERE to Order.

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