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July News:

Some sought-after items are briefly back in stock – Magic of Al Koran, Top Secrets and others. See below. We also have a new stock of the Basil Horwitz books are on offer this month and I have put together a selection of David Britland trickery. See below.

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____________Back in Stock _____________

A small stock of some our most popular long out of print books has been unearthed in Martin Breese’s old store in Sheffield. 

Magic of Al Koran (Martin Breese)
Good Luck From Beijing (Richard Webster)
Bizarre (Tony Doc Sheils)

Top Secrets (Terri Rogers)

Spell-Binder Magazine - Vols 1, 2 and 3
Cardshit (Jerry Sadowitz)

And a couple of tricks are also available again

Bramah Bowls  
Headliner (Les Johnson)

And Peter Duffie’s DVD-Roms

Move Mastery Volume 1, 2 and 3

 _____________New to Stock ______________

Best of Spell-Binder Collection

A collection of eighty-Five tricks selected from Stephen Tucker’s magazine by David Britland. Many have been edited and re-written for clarity with additional illustrations. Other contributors include Gordon Bruce, Peter Duffie, Phil Goldstein, Basil Horwitz, Ted Lesley Bob Ostin, Jerry Sadowitz and others. High quality paperback 150pp, published by Martin Breese 1987.  

Only £10.00  Click HERE to Order

Malini Egg Bag  
From Fabric Manipulation

A 100% silk version of Max Malini’s classic Egg Bag. Beautifully made. Supplied with instructions and 27 page booklet on egg bag types and routines edited by Leo Behnke for produced by Magic City.

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Ghostly Pocket Hank
From Fabric Manipulation

A great little effect with a folded silk handkerchief (38cm sq) that appears to be haunted by ghosts as it moves and rises and falls before being crumpled to show it is empty. An excellent edition of George Blake's classic Haunted Hanky.

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 ________Special Offers ________



Mental Magick Of Basil Horwitz

Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.1                  Now £10
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.2
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.3
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.4
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.5
                  Now £15 

All Five Volumes of Above on Special Offer!         Now £50

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David Britland Collection

Four booklets published by Martin Breese in the 1980s.

Tearing a Lady in Two

Cutting Remarks 20pp.
Card Kinetics.
Angel Card Rise Plus
. 28pp.

 Only £12 for all four - Click HERE to Order

Duffie Sadowitz

By Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz

Five books that Jerry Sadowitz and Peter Duffie published through Martin Breese all in one volume. These are: Alternative Card Magic (Duffie/Sadowitz), Contemporary Card Magic (Duffie/Sadowitz), Cards Hit (Sadowitz), Close-up to the Point (Duffie) & Inspirations (Duffie/Sadowitz). CardZones is printed on high quality gloss paper and it is a large format volume of 256 pages with over 100 illustrations by David Britland & Roy Johnson.

Normal price is £35 plus postage. Our offer is now: £26 Post Free for UK customers. Similar price available if you live elsewhere

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Fred Robinson

The Magic of Fred Robinson
By Peter Duffie

Fred Robinson was one of the great card and coin handling magicians. “I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of the all-time greats; especially with cards.” DAI VERNON.

This is a beautiful large format 286 pages in dust jacket and printed to the highest quality Here are just a few of the comments from those who have written lengthy tributes to Fred and his contribution to magic. Martin Breese saw the publication of this book as one of his finest achievements.

Normal price is £75 plus postage, our recent price was £50, but our new offer for UK customers is £31 post free. Similar price available if you live elsewhere.

To order at this price email  

Killer Elite Pro  
By Andy Nyman

This is a powerful and up-to-date piece of close-up Mentalism. The performer takes out a small leather wallet and from it; he removes a poker-chip and four cards, each bearing the image of a well known movie-killer. These are set out on the table and the performer paints a picture of argument and fight with just the one survivor. When your spectator chooses which of the four has survived you can prove the choice is the right one.

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Melt Wallet

A simple little effect for party time. Two cards inside a window wallet are shown to the spectator and then taken from the wallet. The first card is now revealed as blank and it’s image has somehow melted onto the back of the other.

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John Cornelius’s Perfect Pen

This is an updated version of his ‘Pen through Anything’. It’s a fine looking working (and refillable) metal pen that will penetrate borrowed notes, coins or other items. The pen is totally examinable and only the one pen is used. You can even add the ripped pieces of a note for added effect. A fantastic penetrate and restore effect that even I have (almost) mastered. Complete with instructions and sample routines.

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Taking Notes
By Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson’s ‘Taking Notes’ is a really neat little free will prediction effect. You have a quality credit card type wallet in which you place three different banknotes. Each is taken by out by the spectator – whilst you are not looking - and each placed in one of the spectator’s pockets. You have already written down which note will be where on your prediction card which the spectator also takes from the wallet.

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Magic Magazines on CD — New Prices

Order from our CDs Page.

Stephen Tucker Chicanery Magazine £15.00
Harry Stanley/Lewis Ganson The Digital Gen 1945 to 1971 (4 CDs) £25.00
Derek Lever Magic Mag 1979 to 1983 £15.00
Max Andrews Magic Magazine 1952 to 1956 £15.00
George Munro/George Armstrong Magic Wand 1920 to 1956 (4 CDs) £25.00
Supreme Magigram 1966 to 1995 £15.00
Peter Warlock New Pentagram 1969 to 1989 £15.00
Nick Bolton/Fred Robinson/Eric Mason Pabular 1974 to 1982 £15.00
Peter Warlock Pentagram  £15.00
Martin Breese Sorcerer £15.00
Stephen Tucker Spell-binder Magazine £15.00
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon's Magic 1900-1920 £15.00
Rees - Boys Magicians' Club Trixy £15.00
George Armstrong The Wizard 1947-1956 £15.00

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Free Shipping world-wide on orders over £125.

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