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August News:

A great collection of Ben Harris books are now available for the first time here. We also have a few of the very original Cyclops Boxes – that sold out ages ago. See Below. New Special offers on the A1 media DVD collection, plus Basil Horwitz book collection still on special offer.

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 _____________New to Stock ______________

David Britland

By David Britland

Deckade is a collection of 7 strong card effects by David Britland. You will find various effect themes from oil and water to sandwich, and from elevator to a whole lot of twisting.

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Golden Floating Stick
by Mike Danata

Deckade is a collection of 7 strong card effects by David Britland. You will find various effect themes from oil and water to sandwich, and from elevator to a whole lot of twisting.

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Star Gate
by Terri Rogers

Pass one card through another. Am incredible effect. Two cards are shown glued back to back. The spectator examines them then with a few deft folds you turn the cards face-to-face. But the cards are still glued together. No switching involved..

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by Dave Campbell

In Duplicity Dave Campbell presents an entertaining card effect in which the performer re-enacts one of Houdini's famous feats - walking through a wall. 

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A Boon for All Seasons
by Eric Mason & Barrie Richardson

The story and use of secret marking devices. Eric Mason describes the Boon as the ‘greatest little gimmick in the world.' Here we have it’s history, descriptions of types and how to use, details for making your own and a myriad if uses and effects.. 

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Stand Up Card Magic
by Colin H. Linn

A collection of nine proven visual effects that are at their best when performed standing up. Very little has been published specifically on 'stand up' card magic. Colin believes in audience involvement and whenever possible an effect should be done with the audience and not aloof from them.  

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Ask Roberto
by Roberto Giobbi

This is a totally unique book. 52 reader supplied questions. 52 opinionated, informed, expert answers by Roberto Giobbi. Roberto spent often several days to thoroughly answer each of the 52 questions. It is no wonder that this ebook has more than 330 regular sized pages. It is a publication unlike any other, where the readers gave the direction which the author followed.  

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Cyclops Box

Anything placed in the box by a spectator can be divined by the performer and he does not need to touch the box at all.  One of the easiest effects is as follows:  A pack of cards is shuffled and placed in the box.  The top card is stared at by the spectator, remembered and the lid of the box is closed. Instantly the performer knows the selected card.   The box does not work by radio control or anything like that and uses a principle rarely used in magic

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 _____________Recent Additions ______________

By Ben Harris

A named card vanishes from a sealed deck that you never touch and the card is found in an impossible location of your choice. No gimmicks, no special decks.

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Quarks & Quirks
By Ben Harris

"Some of the most clever takes on the Torn and Restored Card in years, Ben Harris' Quarks & Quirks is an invigorating journey of topological twists and tears." - Richard Kaufman 

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Exit 51
By Ben Harris

This booklet describes a technique for a full view vanish of 51 cards leaving just the signed selection and an astonished audience.

Exit 51 is made possible by gimmicked cards and full instructions for making your own (requires no special skills or equipment) are provided. Printed gimmicks included with the book.

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By Ben Harris

** The Ultimate Floating Card **

This booklet describes the use of magnets in magic and provides full instructions for creating your own floating deck gimmick. Ben Harris has found a real-world practical solution for achieving the sweet spot between attraction and repulsion.

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Silent Running

By Ben Harris - with thanks to Peter Duffie

Silent Running is a development of the Crossroads concept (also available) with the need for using ‘equivoque’ removed. It is a "Think Of A Card" concept that requires no props at all. You don't even need a deck of cards. 

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Class Act - The Magic of Tony Binarelli
By Gary Ouellet

Italy’s ‘superstar of magic’ reveals the secrets that built his reputation as ‘Italy’s thinking magician’: a thrilling collection of close-up, parlour and platform effects that bear the Binarelli trademark: commercial magic. Chapters on card magic, wallet magic, VIP magic, Slydini, Stagecraft and much more.  

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Throwing the Switch
By John Mendoza

Step-by-step instructions for performing invisible and 
unsuspected card switches.

Small format soft cover, 1982, 29pp 

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Ponsin on Conjuring

Translation of the classic 1858 book. Arguably the first ever practical treatise on conjuring, building on the impractical aspects of Decremp’s  Magie Blanche Devoilee and pre-dating Robert-Houdin’s Secrets de la Predigitation.

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First Impressions
By Lee Earle

A book of ideas, routines and tips for the use of the micro thin clipboard.

Ring bound small format soft cover 25pp, 1989

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 ________Special Offers ________

A1 Magical Media All-Stars

All five DVDs are available showing leading magicians performing and 
teaching their magical effects. Includes routines by 
likes of Juan Tamariz, Colombini, Larry becker 
and many, many more.

£17.50 each -  now £45 for all 5 DVDs 
plus a copy of Scott F Guinn’s 
Great Scott DVD for free

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A1 Magical Media Convention at the Capital

All Four volumes are available – 1988 to 2001 - showing leading magicians 
performing their magical effects at the annual A-1 convention.

£17.50 each - now £45 for all 4 DVDs 
plus a copy of Scott F Guinn’s 
Great Scott DVD for free.


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Mental Magick Of Basil Horwitz

Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.1                  Now £10
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.2
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.3
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.4
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.5
                  Now £15 

All Five Volumes of Above on Special Offer!         Now £50

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Magic Magazines on CD — New Prices

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Stephen Tucker Chicanery Magazine £15.00
Harry Stanley/Lewis Ganson The Digital Gen 1945 to 1971 (4 CDs) £25.00
Derek Lever Magic Mag 1979 to 1983 £15.00
Max Andrews Magic Magazine 1952 to 1956 £15.00
George Munro/George Armstrong Magic Wand 1920 to 1956 (4 CDs) £25.00
Supreme Magigram 1966 to 1995 £15.00
Peter Warlock New Pentagram 1969 to 1989 £15.00
Nick Bolton/Fred Robinson/Eric Mason Pabular 1974 to 1982 £15.00
Peter Warlock Pentagram  £15.00
Martin Breese Sorcerer £15.00
Stephen Tucker Spell-binder Magazine £15.00
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon's Magic 1900-1920 £15.00
Rees - Boys Magicians' Club Trixy £15.00
George Armstrong The Wizard 1947-1956 £15.00

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