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November News:

We have a new Magic Wagon item, and new sale offers on Martin Breese’s Psycho Deck, Card-to-hip wallet and Phantom of the Wallet. See below.

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Mentalism Ken Dyne Bairn

Ken Dyne

Newly published, beautifully produced collection of Mentalism routines from a professional for professionals. This book has 41 effects from the Mind of Kennedy. The collection is a mine of practical ideas and routines taken from real working acts, the culmination of twelve year’s work as a professional magician. There are new angles on many classic routines such as Add a Number and Book Tests, always with a twist or surprise to keep any audience on their toes. It is beautifully written in a relaxed, accessible, amusing and very personal style.

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The Absconding Lycan
Magic Wagon

New from Magic Wagon in Thailand and made to their usual exacting standards. Based on an original idea from Edward Massey’s Ribbon Fantastique. 

The performer displays a frame with a figure of a Lycan which has holes running across its body along with a sheet of plexiglass with holes running across its width. The performer then places the sheet of plexiglass behind the Lycan and a brass chain is threaded back and forth through all the holes, locking the Lycan to the sheet of plexiglass. Despite the impossibility of the situation, the sheet of plexiglass is visibly lifted straight up, allowing the Lycan to make its escape from its chained imprisonment!

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Phantom of the Wallet
Breese / Duffie

A beautifully made hip-pocket sized leather switch wallet with it’s double zippered compartment can be used for the Phantom routine, and to create your own routines. For the Phantom routine, the name of a previously selected and signed card appears on two blank cards, that are placed inside the wallet – both cards having been examined by the audience. To end, the actual signed card appears inside the zippered compartment. No palming or difficult sleights are involved and this automatically resets. Complete with instructions and blank cards.

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Card to Hip Wallet
Eric Mason & Martin Breese

The Mason-Breese card-to-hip wallet is a nicely made authentic hip-sized leather wallet with a smooth external loading. A freely selected and signed playing card is placed back into the deck. The performer gambles the contents of his wallet that he is able to cut the deck once to find the signed selected card. After a number of failed attempts the wallet is opened and the card is found inside a zippered compartment. Complete with instructions. 

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Psycho Deck
Martin Breese & Wolfgang Riebe

Psycho Deck is a simple idea which in essence provides a quick, fuss-free way of learning the name of any though-of-card, or of anything else written by the audience within a square on a blank card. Instructions and gimmicked pack of cards provided.

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Cyclops Box

Anything placed in the box by a spectator can be divined by the performer and he does not need to touch the box at all.  One of the easiest effects is as follows:  A pack of cards is shuffled and placed in the box.  The top card is stared at by the spectator, remembered and the lid of the box is closed. Instantly the performer knows the selected card.   The box does not work by radio control or anything like that and uses a principle rarely used in magic

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_____ Special Offers _____

(Peter Duffie)

The work produced by Peter Duffie is considered to have had a profound influence on card magic. In this handsome, large format hard-backed book, Peter explains over twenty excellent entertaining and practical card routines and moves, all of which can be performed using an unfaked and normal deck. 60 pages, 25 illustrations 

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Diamonds from Coal (Duffie/Robertson)

Expert cardmen Peter Duffie and Robin Robertson combine to create more astounding card magic. This is the third book in the Card Conspiracy series. Large Format 153 Pages - 75 tricks - 150+ illustrations by Joseph Schmidt  

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Inspirations  (Duffie & Sadowitz)

56 tricks and sleights from two top close-up creators. Includes a special chapter by Jerry Sadowitz on The Double Deal. Plus a chapter on Okito Box magic and Peter's incredible Bedazzled routine. 

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Subtle Miracles (Peter Duffie)

Peter Duffie is one of the world's most creative cardmen and Subtle Miracles gathers together some of his most inventive work. Many of these effects were marketed as exclusive manuscripts and are now brought together for the first time, together with a selection of brand new routines using equally clever methods.

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Five Books by Ben Harris

Crossroads, Quarks & Quirks, Exit51, Enlightenment, Silent Running.

Buy All Five Books for Special Price.

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A1 Magical Media All-Stars

All five DVDs are available showing leading magicians performing and 
teaching their magical effects. Includes routines by 
likes of Juan Tamariz, Colombini, Larry becker 
and many, many more.

£17.50 each -  now £45 for all 5 DVDs 
plus a copy of Scott F Guinn’s 
Great Scott DVD for free

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A1 Magical Media Convention at the Capital

All Four volumes are available – 1988 to 2001 - showing leading magicians 
performing their magical effects at the annual A-1 convention.

£17.50 each - now £45 for all 4 DVDs 
plus a copy of Scott F Guinn’s 
Great Scott DVD for free.


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Mental Magick Of Basil Horwitz

Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.1                  Now £10
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.2
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.3
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.4
                  Now £15
Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz, Vol.5
                  Now £15 

All Five Volumes of Above on Special Offer!         Now £50

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Magic Magazines on CD — New Prices

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Stephen Tucker Chicanery Magazine £15.00
Harry Stanley/Lewis Ganson The Digital Gen 1945 to 1971 (4 CDs) £25.00
Derek Lever Magic Mag 1979 to 1983 £15.00
Max Andrews Magic Magazine 1952 to 1956 £15.00
George Munro/George Armstrong Magic Wand 1920 to 1956 (4 CDs) £25.00
Supreme Magigram 1966 to 1995 £15.00
Peter Warlock New Pentagram 1969 to 1989 £15.00
Nick Bolton/Fred Robinson/Eric Mason Pabular 1974 to 1982 £15.00
Peter Warlock Pentagram  £15.00
Martin Breese Sorcerer £15.00
Stephen Tucker Spell-binder Magazine £15.00
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon's Magic 1900-1920 £15.00
Rees - Boys Magicians' Club Trixy £15.00
George Armstrong The Wizard 1947-1956 £15.00

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